INTERSTATE 280 - Junipero Serra Freeway

Interstate 280 is one of two major highways connecting San Jose to San Francisco. North of the I-880/Hwy 17 interchange, Interstate 280 is named the Junipero Serra Freeway. South of this interchange, it is know as the Sinclair Freeway. The Sinclair Freeway continues from the U.S. 101 interchange as Interstate 680.

Interstate 280 begins at the junction with U.S. 101 near downtown San Jose and heads north through the cities of San Jose, Santa Clara and Cupertino. After leaving Cupertino, Interstate 280 becomes a scenic rural highway until it reaches the outskirts of San Francisco.

Exit 377A Exit Number Installed
Exit 377A Exit Number Not Installed

Exit 1

10th and 11th Streets make up the eastern boundary of San Jose State University. 10th Street is one-way southbound while 11th Street is one-way northbound. There have been talk of converting both into two-way street.

Exit 2

Use this exit to get to Spartan Stadium, home of San Jose State's football and soccer teams. Hwy 82 passes through downtown San Jose before heading north to San Francisco via El Camino Real.

Exit 3A

The Guadalupe Parkway/Hwy 87 is a freeway linking the Almaden Valley to downtown San Jose and the Mineta San Jose Intl Airport. People heading to HP Pavilion should use this exit.

Exit 3B

Bird Avenue provides access to the main San Jose Train Station where travelers can board Caltrain or Amtrak. This is also an alternate route to the arena.

Exit 4

Yes, Southwest Expwy really does head southwest from Interstate 280. Using this exit will also get you to Meridian Avenue.

Exit 5A

Leigh Avenue and Bascom Avenue both border the San Jose City College which is located south of the freeway. This ramp actually puts you on Parkmoor Avenue with Bascom and Leigh as cross streets.

Exit 5B

Highway 17 is the southern continuation of Interstate 880 and is the main route over the Santa Cruz Mountains to the coastal city of Santa Cruz.

Exit 5C

Interstate 880 heads north along the east side of San Francisco Bay to Oakland.

This ramp is extremely congested almost any time during the day because this ramp merges with the Stevens Creek Blvd off-ramp from Hwy 17/I-880. Stevens Creek Blvd is the primary exit for the Valley Fair Mall and Santana Row. Traffic on this ramp routinely backs up onto Interstate 280.

Exit 7

Saratoga Avenue connects the cities of Saratoga and Santa Clara while passing through San Jose.

This ramp can get congested at times because it handles overflow traffic trying to get the Valley Fair Mall.

Exit 9

Lawrence Expwy is part of the county's expressway system and provides a fast route to the companies located in Santa Clara and Sunnyvale.

Although not marked, this is the Stevens Creek Blvd exit from Interstate 280. Stevens Creek is a major east-west road connecting Cupertino and San Jose.

Exit 10

Wolfe Road is a main road that connects Cupertino to Sunnyvale. Located near this interchange is the Cupertino Square Mall (formerly Vallco Fashion Park) and Cupertino Village. The latter is a large asian shopping center full of restaurants and shops known for its lack of parking.

Exit 11

De Anza Blvd is a major north-south road through Cupertino with Sunnyvale to the north and Saratoga to the south. The world headquarters for Apple Inc. (Apple Computers) is located adjacent to this interchange.

Exit 12A

Northbound Hwy 85/Stevens Creek Freeway heads into Sunnyvale and Mountain View before merging onto U.S. 101 near Moffett Field.

Exit 12B

Southbound Hwy 85/Stevens Creek Freeway serves the communities of the western and southern parts of Silicon Valley. Use this exit to get to De Anza College in Cupertino.

Exit 13

Foothill Expwy is part of the county's expressway system and it basically parallels Interstate 280 from Cupertino to Palo Alto passing through Los Altos. It is an important commuter route for those working for companies located in Palo Alto.

After this exit, you'll notice a dramatic change in terrain as you leave the flat, urban part of Silicon Valley and enter the rural foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Exit 15

Magdalena Avenue provides freeway access for residents living in the foothills of Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Cupertino.

Exit 16

Foothill College is located off of El Monte Road west of Interstate 280. This is best exit for getting to downtown Los Altos.

Exit 20

Page Mill Road is one of Palo Alto's major roads. A number of tech companies including Hewlett Packard are located on Page Mill. This exit can also be used to get to Stanford University.

Exit 22

Besides passing through the Portola Valley (as the sign says), Alpine Road also goes to Stanford University, the upscale Stanford Shopping Center and the city of Menlo Park.