CALIFORNIA STATE ROUTE 87 - Guadalupe Parkway

Highway 87 is a 10-mile freeway that connects south San Jose to downtown San Jose and the Mineta San Jose International Airport.

Highway 87 begins at Highway 85 in south San Jose and ends at its junction with U.S. 101 near the Mineta San Jose International Airport. In April of 2004, the conversion of Hwy 87 to a full freeway was complete when new interchanges at Taylor Street and Skyport Drive were opened. In 2007, the carpool lane between Interstate 880 and Hwy 85 was opened to traffic. Despite the improvements, traffic is still heavy during commute hours.

Exit 377A Exit Number Installed
Exit 377A Exit Number Not Installed

Exit 1

Capitol Expwy is part of the county's expressway system. This one serves the areas of south and east San Jose. West of Hwy 87 is the Capitol Expwy Auto Mall.

Exit 3

Curtner Avenue provides access to the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds from Hwy 87.

Exit 5

Interstate 280 is one of two freeways connecting San Jose and San Francisco with I-280 taking the more scenic route at the base of the coast range. Southbound 280 becomes Interstate 680 at the U.S. 101 interchange.

Exit 6

This is 3 exits combined in a single exit. The San Carlos St/Auzerais Ave exit actually exits onto Woz Way which connects to both San Carlos and Auzerais and provides access to the convention center and the Childern's Discovery Museum. Santa Clara Street provides access to the heart of downtown San Jose and the HP Pavilion. Julian Street also provides access to HP Pavilion.

It can be argued that this sign should read "EXITS 6A-C" instead of "EXIT 6".

Exit 7

The Taylor Street exit serves as the primary access point to the county jail and courthouse from Hwy 87. San Jose City Hall used to be located in the same area but it was moved to a new downtown building in 2005.

Exit 8

Skyport Drive is the main access road from Hwy 87 into the Mineta San Jose International Airport. This interchange is a SPUI (Single Point Urban Interchange) where a single traffic signal controls the entire interchange.

Exits 9A-B

This marks the northern end of Hwy 87. North First Street is the home to many of the valley's high tech businesses. Guadalupe Pkwy turns into Charcot Avenue east of N. 1st Street. U.S. 101 is also known as the Bayshore Freeway and is the other freeway connecting San Jose to San Francisco.

Last Exit

Near the end of the ramp to U.S. 101 is an un-numbered exit to De La Cruz Blvd and Trimble Road. This ramp was part of a project to separate Hwy 87 traffic merging onto 101 from 101 traffic exiting to De La Cruz and Trimble.