CALIFORNIA STATE ROUTE 237 - Mtn View/Alviso Freeway

Highway 237 is a combination of a 9-mile freeway and a 2-mile city street that serves the cities of Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Jose and Milpitas. The freeway segment is known as the Southbay Freeway but is also called the Mtn View/Alviso Freeway. The city street segment in Milpitas is called Calaveras Blvd.

The original freeway ran from U.S. 101 to just east of the Lawrence Expwy exit. The section from Lawrence to Interstate 880 was upgraded to a freeway in the early 1990's. The section between Highway 85 and U.S. 101 was upgraded in 1997. Calaveras Blvd through Milpitas will not be upgraded in my lifetime.

Exit 377A Exit Number Installed
Exit 377A Exit Number Not Installed

Exit 1A

Although the exit is signed as U.S. 101 North, the ramp actually leads to Hwy 85 North. Hwy 85 is the recommened route to northbound U.S. 101. Why? Scroll down to Exit 3B...

Exit 1B

Evelyn Avenue parallels Central Expwy and the Caltrain tracks. Both Evelyn and Dana lead to downtown Mountain View.

Exit 2

A number of companies chose to locate on Middlefield and Maude in this part of western Mountain View and northern Sunnyvale. This was the last interchange built during the conversion of Hwy 237 from expressway to freeway.

Exit 3A

U.S. 101 heads south into Santa Clara and San Jose. U.S. 101 continues south down to Los Angeles via the California coast.

Exit 3B

Mathilda Avenue is a major north-south road through Sunnyvale. Lockheed, Yahoo and Juniper Networks are all located north of this exit. Sunnyvale's shopping district lies to the south.

If you got on Hwy 237 before Exit 1A, here's why I said to use Hwy 85/Exit 1A to get to U.S. 101. To get to 101 from this exit, you would have to exit the freeway, make a left onto Mathilda, go under the freeway, make a left onto Hwy 237 west and finally take the U.S. 101 north ramp.

Exit 4


Fair Oaks Avenue provides access to a number of tech companies located on the north side of the freeway.

Exit 5

Lawrence Expwy is part of the Santa Clara County's expressway system which are major thoroughfares that have a limited number of traffic signals and higher speed limits. Lawrence goes through the heart of Sunnyvale's high tech companies and serves the cities of San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and Saratoga.

Caribbean Drive is the northern extension of Lawrence Expwy. It eventually loops around to become Mathilda Avenue.

Exit 6

This exit takes you past the Santa Clara Convention Center and the Great America theme park. There are plans to build a new stadium for the San Francisco 49ers near Great America and if it is built, this interchange will become a major access point.

Exit 7

North First Street connects downtown San Jose to the sprawling high tech campuses in north San Jose. It also connects San Jose to the community of Alviso to the north.

Exit 8

North of Hwy 237 is San Jose's sewage treatment plant. South of the freeway are more tech companies like Cisco and Altera. It's also a good alternative to the often congested N. First Street.

Exit 9A

This exit provides access to the McCarthy Ranch shopping center, a number of empty business parks built during the dot-com boom and Milpitas Square, a predominately Chinese shopping center with a number of good restaurants.

Exit 9B

Interstate 880 connects San Jose and Oakland and has been dubbed the "Nasty Nimitz" by local traffic reporters because of the horrendous backups during commute hours.

This is where the freeway portion of Hwy 237 ends however the route continues into Milpitas as a major east-west road until it meets Interstate 680. To stay on Hwy 237, you acutally have to exit the freeway.

Also of note, HOV-to-HOV ramps have been constructed at this interchange but access is limited to east 237 to north 880 and south 880 to west 237. This ramp can be used by anyone outside of rush hour.