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This section is dedicated to those state highways that run within Santa Clara County but are not freeways and therefore not covered by the Silicon Valley Roads Exit Guides.

Highways covered are 9, 25, 35, 82, 130, 152 and 156.

Because California was "late to the game" with regards to exit numbering, our method of adding exit numbers to freeway exit signs is a little different from the rest of the county. How different? Come take a look.

. AARoads - Although their main focus is interstate highways, this site also features in-depth coverage of various numbered highways in certain states including California, Delaware, Wyoming, Nevada and Arizona. Their in-depth coverage involved photos of freeway exits, signage and scenic pictures.

California Highways - This site has detailed information about each numbered highway (Interstate, U.S. Highway and California State Highways) including decomissioned ones. Other sections include highway system history, highway types, numbering system and historical and planning maps.

Mr. Roadshow - Gary Richards, a.k.a. Mr. Roadshow, writes a daily column for the San Jose Mercury News covering transportation issues, questions and gripes about road and transit systems in Santa Clara Valley

Caltrans - Website for California's Department of Transportation

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