It all started one afternoon in my dorm room at U.C. Santa Cruz when a friend of mine told me each student was allocated disk space on the campus servers for a personal web page. Site creation tools were supplied by CATS (short for Computer and Technology Services) and they consisted of a couple of shareware graphics programs, GraphicConverter and GIFBuilder, and HTML Web Weaver which was basically a text editor. The first site I created was completely hand-coded.

This site has come a long way from those days at U.C. Santa Cruz. With the latest revision, all graphics were created using Adobe Photoshop CS3 and this site is created using Dreamweaver CS3, a powerful WYSIWYG editor and site manager.

Evolution of
Version 1.0
Mark's Web Page - UCSC
Version 2.0
Mark's Web Page -
Version 3.0
Mark's Web Page -
Version 4.0
Version 5.0


U.C. Santa Cruz - Where it all began...

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