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While I was at UCSC, I signed up with a local ISP, because the modem banks at school were starting to get overloaded to the point where I couldn't logon to complete homework assignments. I knew that once I graduated in June of 1997, I was going to lose my website on the UCSC servers so I moved the site to's servers.

The look-and-feel of the website were still pretty much the same (road signs, exit numbers, etc) although I did expand the content to include Japanese Anime.

Development Platform PowerMac 7500/132
132 MHz PowerPC 604e
1 GB Hard Drive
MacOS System 7.6.1
HTML Editor World Wide Web Weaver 2.1
Graphics Software Claris Draw
Photoshop 3.0
Site Content Local Sports Teams
The Simpsons
Macintosh Computers
SCAM (Anime Club at UCSC)
Search Engines

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